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Parcel Car Restoration
Men of the Benge family felled the forests (1850-90s) to clear the land for the farms that would eventually be broken up by land developers (1960s & 70s) to become the suburbs of northern Upper Hutt.
The old homestead, Stonestead, still stands at Te Marua. Vin Benge, engineer, vintage enthusiast and grandson on his Mother's side of J.A.Hazelwood, let me scan some family albums. Having seen the finished Parcel Car and learning of a photo album Vin kept of the project, I figured others would be interested.
St Patrick's College History Part One
Began with SP Silverstream construction then decided to include SP Town history up to boarders move North in 1931. Why not include Marist beginnings too. Very brief, info shamelessly copied from multiple sources or reworked for brevity from School mags, Marist histories and online sources. If you recognise your own work give yourself a pat on the back because I can't reach.

This is completely unofficial. 
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